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These are the radio stations that carry The Breakfast Club if you're inclined to protest them. The show is heard by 4 million people

WWPR, New York City, New York (flagship station)
KOHT, Tucson, Arizona
WKKV, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
W281AB, Birmingham, Alabama
W262BL, Mobile, Alabama
WZHT, Montgomery, Alabama
WQUE, New Orleans, Louisiana
KHBT, Waco, Texas
KQBT, Houston, Texas
KKMY, Beaumont, Texas
W257BQ, Charleston, South Carolina
WHXT, Columbia, South Carolina
WRSV, Raleigh, North Carolina (simulcast on WDUR-AM)
W242BX, Greenville, South Carolina
WMIB, Miami, Florida
W283AN, Orlando, Florida
WJBT, Jacksonville, Florida
WOWI, Norfolk, Virginia
WJLB, Detroit, Michigan
WQHH, Lansing, Michigan
WRDG, Atlanta, Georgia
WFXE, Columbus, Georgia
WQBT, Savannah, Georgia
WGOV, Valdosta, Georgia
WTFX, Louisville, Kentucky
W280DO, Lexington, Kentucky
WDHT, Dayton, Ohio
WZCB, Columbus, Ohio
WRVZ, Charleston, West Virginia
WCZQ, Champaign, Illinois
KVEG, Las Vegas, Nevada
WJMN, Boston, Massachusetts
KMJM-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
WZRL, Indianapolis, Indiana
KWEE, Portland, Oregon

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