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TheeSupaman and The Priestess Discuss The Myth of the Assault on Black Masculinity and Alleged Anti-Black Male Behavior


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People Black People are NOT a suitable or appropriate Costume. Transpeople are beautiful. We WON'T BE ERASED


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Ghosting of Ray

Ray Carruth is Out of Jail. I just got ghosted. Oh Well No Skin off My teeth

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A can of worms opened up? New Love and Cold cases are opening up...Is this finally the fall of Cordelia's Babylon?

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Greenleaf for the last two weeks has taken us for a ride!!! Is Zora Pregnant? Is this the end for Bishop and Lady Mae?

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Geoffrey Owens aka Elvin Tibideaux is an Actor With a Day Job. Some of you all need a day job rather a job period!!!


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Aretha Franklin and John McCain have went home to the celestial shore. However People Always Makes Funerals About Them. While on Greenleaf Season 3, Lady Mae and Bishop have hit a severe patch in their marriage. Will they survive this storm?

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So Safaree's Manhood is making him rich!!! Officer who killed Jordan Edwards Found Guilty of Murder. We discuss Greenleaf Season 3 premiere.

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