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Sh*tholes R Us

So #45 is at his antics again . He called Haiti, African Countries, and El Salvador "Shithole Countries" and he'd rather have Norwegians in the USA and send folks of Color Back. Now Tell me that Ain't Racist.  Good One, Orange Butthole. Diamyn and Yannick discuss resolutions, MLK Day and

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Ginuwine and India #TimesUp

Happy 2018. 10 Days in and the mess done hit the fan. Ginuwine is called "transphobic," when we rejected transwomen India Willoughby's advances. This woman even tried to force him to kiss her. Ironically, Charlamagne of the Breakfast club defends him. H & M makes a racist ad labeling a Black child a Monkey....What say ye fam?




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This Christmas

This Christmas will be a very special Christmas for ME! Happy Holidays Everyone. Happy New Year. Enjoy your holiday season and drink plenty of Egg Nog,


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 Surviving the Single Life During the Holidays


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Diamyn, The Princess, Joins us for the First Time in Ages and Yannick, the Priestess Ain't Got time for ninjas in these streets. These two divas are gonna steal Christmas and make it Fabulous.

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Child Terry Crews Ain't Playing with Adam Venit. Of Course he's wrecking the perverts holidays.  What shall we do about Roy Moore?

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World AIDS Day is December 1, 2017. We take this time to educate and end stigma concerning HIV/AIDS. This Year's Theme "Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability, & Partnerships.


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Moving Christmas

Christmas Christmas Time is Here Time for Joy and Time for Cheer. Learn what and what not to give for Christmas. That's All I'm Saying.


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Happy Thanksgiving!!! What are you Thankful For? Let's not just focus on the food, but let us give and show love as well as Thanks. Make someone else's Thanksgiving bright by giving love and joy.


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Travel Life’s Seas

We Discuss the Generalization of the Black Queer Community and Traveling for Blaqueers. My special guest and Brother, Alexander Dourox joins this podcast. This episode will give you ideas for Travel. We also tackle homophobia, stigma and more concerning the LGBT Community.


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