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With Recent Changes in Obama Era policies at the hand of #45 aka the Orange One, Transgender people and their lives are under assault. Here are some employment opportunities for Transpeople, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Nongender Confirming and Queer people.

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Diamyn and Yannick Talk Embarrassing Moments, Trashy Dates, and the craziness of men

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Dang, Bill

Comedian and Actor Bill Cosby has been charged with sexual assault. Yet Here comes the double standards when women speak about sexual assault

Music To Get Diana 

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Wendy Williams, You're in danger Girl!!!!

So Wendy Decides to Shade the Clark Sisters

00:50 Michael Brown Accepted to 20 Colleges

Nicki Minaj is Mad because Cardi B ain't eating her box 6:56

Wendy Williams Tried the Clark Sisters 08:06 ; 10:32




Trans Parenting

MAGA now stands for My Attorney Got Arrested

Yannick and Diamyn discuss Gender Identity, parenting, and nuturing a child who may deal with gender dysphoria

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Let the Church Say Amen

Diamyn and Yannick along with special Guests Navarron and Alexander D. Discuss Church, Politics and the Viral Video of the Audrey Stevenson Assault.

Praise Break Clip by Julian E. Spires

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Catfish in 2018

You have just been catfished. Ain't that some toxic stuff?

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It's Yannick's and Black, Trans, & Beautiful's Birthdays! We go in on Rupaul about "Possibly" not allowing transwomen to participante in Drag Race Shows and competitions. Auntie Ru Really?

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Congrats to Jordan Peele on winning Oscar for Best Screenplay. My birthday is March 15th, and Black, Trans & Beautiful Turns 1 year old on the same day. No Unhappy People...What's up with them? Why stay unhappy when you can get help for your problems?


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