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In the Aftermath of Finding out Thomas's Secret Jeune Spends a night out with the girls only to have a slight interruption Insert Cordelia


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Lejeune Arderson is a successful 30 something Black Woman, raising her nephew as her own child. She finds that her lover Thomas Baptiste is married according to a phone call she gets while at work. Shall she stay or shall she go? More to come in Chapter 2. 

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Kevin MacLeod  

So the Lesbians and TERFS of London attack Transwomen yet again.  Dating can also be such a bore.






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SO Scarlett You're Cis gender and Trixie You're Racist

Trixie Mattel's Racist Rant at a Comedy Roast Even :


Scarlett Johansson Cast As Transman Dante "Tex" Gill



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Vixen De RuPaul

Yannick Follows up on the Fool Who Stood her up. We also discuss RuPaul's Drag Race and the Vixen's Beef.

Tyra 007's Letter to Mother Ru


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Too Cool Kevin MacLeod


Girl The Permit Patty's are Trying It at 45:15.

Diamyn and Yannick Discuss what to do when Stoop up on Date Nite

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17 Year Old Antwon Rose was brutally murdered by an unnamed (At this time) East Pittsburgh Police Officer. Here's the story. #BLACKLIVESMATTER


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The latest tea!!! Deven Hubbard, College Basketball Star, Roseanne the Racist, and More in this Episode!!!

Big shout out to the Luckey Star

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Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Assault 02:55

Roseanne Gets Cancelled After Racist Rant on Twitter 03:36

Deven Hubbard, College Basketball Hunk Outed 09:45

Sesame Street Sues STX Productions for "HappyTime Murders 17:58

Kim Kardashian-West Meets With Donald Trump Concerning Prison Reform