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World AIDS Day is December 1, 2017. We take this time to educate and end stigma concerning HIV/AIDS. This Year's Theme "Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability, & Partnerships.


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Moving Christmas

Christmas Christmas Time is Here Time for Joy and Time for Cheer. Learn what and what not to give for Christmas. That's All I'm Saying.


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Happy Thanksgiving!!! What are you Thankful For? Let's not just focus on the food, but let us give and show love as well as Thanks. Make someone else's Thanksgiving bright by giving love and joy.


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Travel Life’s Seas

We Discuss the Generalization of the Black Queer Community and Traveling for Blaqueers. My special guest and Brother, Alexander Dourox joins this podcast. This episode will give you ideas for Travel. We also tackle homophobia, stigma and more concerning the LGBT Community.


6 Clothing Optional Beaches You Should Visit :


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The Ghosts of Kevin Spacey

Anthony Rapp describes his sexual abuse at the hands of famed actor and academy award winner Kevin Spacey.  Kevin in turns blames it on "I'm drunk and gay." Shame on you Kevin. You Stink


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Tina Campbell of One Half of Mary Mary and her boastfulness of Supporting #45 Gave her a Check Her Pennywise looking self couldn't cash.

The disrespect of Sgt La David Johnson is unreal especially his widow Mrs. Myeisha Johnson.  God don't like Ugly.


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Sometimes They Come Back

So My Ex Decided that He wanted to patch things up, However I guess I was asking for too much. GIRL BYE. Ninja's be hobosexuals and act like you did something to them.


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Bodak Red, White, Blue

So #45 called NFL and NBA Athletes "SOBs" for kneeling during National Anthem in protest against social injustice, racism, and #45s childish antics. Diamyn goes off and let's 45 and his croons have IT!!! Yannick Just goes with the flow and socks it to them. Happy 30th Anniversary to the hit TV Show A Different World and Congrats to Cardi B. for a #1 Single on her Single Bodak Yellow.

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 Yannick and Diamyn aka Amiyah Challenge the Deplorables and Facebook Trolls again. We also analyzie the murder of Kenneka Jenkins.


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