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UnWanted: Chapter 1

Topaz and AJ are match made in....Heaven

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A Fall From Grace Review

Now Tyler About this fall from Grace...Get a writer's room,
Melanated Memoirs
Naked Colors
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Topaz and the Gang Do not play when it comes to showing their pride and worth. AJ and Topaz see each other after the break up. How will things go?



Latin Lover Quincas Moreira (First Song)

Club Scene Ambience by Tomlija

UnWanted: Chapter 1

Lady Topaz James has fallen for AJ. They have been dating for 9 months. Will they stand the test of time or will it fizzle right before Topaz's eyes?

UnWanted: The Prelude

Topaz has been single for a few years before meeting AJ. This Black Adonis has made Topaz's insides quiver. Is it lust or love ever after?
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