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TheeSupaman of Here For It Podcast and The Priestess Discuss The Myth of the Assault on Black Masculinity and Alleged Anti-Black Male Behavior

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Yannick Turns 33, The podcast Turns 2 and The Aunt Becky Hits the Big House

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So Yeah Jussie Smollett was attacked for being Gay and Queer and DL and Kevin Hart and ERYKAH Badu need to shut up. Transwoman Pinky was shot in broad day light

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Happy Holidays. Let's Be Grateful. We can survive this holiday season.

I'm an employed, Trans woman of color after working from home for 3 years. 

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Part 1 of Working While Trans And Queer

Surviving Single Life During the Holidays

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I Sit Down With Adult Entertainment Vlogger, Report Luckey F Starr
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Let's talk about Abuse and the Silence of the Black Church. Yes I went there. Would You Support a Pastor who Beat and Abused His Wife

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